When you drive a Mercedes you feel different

Forget what you eat, you are what you drive. People think of their cars as extensions of themselves and personalities.  There are “prestige” and “performance” luxury car owners who stand out because their vehicles show their wealth and reward for their working profession.  Luxury cars cannot be serviced lightly that is why most people visit the dealership where labor rates are typically over $200 per hour. All repairs are done on “book” time, not actual mechanic’s time , and there is a time allotted for each item the mechanic touches, calculated on the assumption that he touches only that item. When a mechanic replaces a water pump or power steering pump, the customer is charged for perhaps 10 or 15 separate operations, even though it is actually only one part being serviced.

“It almost feels as if dealerships are out to punish luxury car owners and it shouldn’t be like that” says Margarett Small Business Bank Specialist

West Los Angeles, a Mercedes Benz owner

Your driving machine is your Reward

you work hard and you deserve to reward yourself whether is for looks or safety and one way to do it is by driving a good car and with this comes the maintenance and the need to find a trust worthy mechanic and a service center that understands the value and meaning of your vehicle and yet a service center that welcomes you as part of our family.

Alvin, Trusts Prestige Mercedes Benz & BMW 

Today customer service is rated by customers themselves, it is no longer rated by a company that focuses on paper surveys. Our ratings come from “Real Customers” and Prestige Mercedes Benz & BMW is committed to provide accurate and honest automotive service and for that “We Do Things Right” to remain being the highly reputable service center for luxury cars.


It is Accuracy, Power, Precision, and Honesty . …..and we can only achieve this when “We do Things Right”.  Our ratings place us in the pinnacle of luxury cars service & maintenance center in the San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles.  At Prestige Mercedes Benz & BMW,  luxury car owners are confident and trust Mr. Ramon Caceres.


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