An automotive maintenance and repair center for luxury cars established in 1998 by Mr. Ramon Caceres who became an automotive engineer at a young age and later developed a passion for luxury cars specializing in Mercedes Benz and BMW.  He has gained experience and combining it with his professional work ethics he has earned the trust of many luxury vehicle owners.   Mr. Ramon’s experience has been highly and respectfully solicited to perform automotive forensics to identify engine failures in auto collisions.  He services the automotive industry with Honesty, Accuracy and Precision.  To maintain your vehicle running smooth like the first day you bought it, just visit Prestige Mercedes Benz & BMW.

What is The PRESTIGE GLORY?  Accuracy, Power, Precision, and Honesty . …..and we can only achieve this when “We do Things Right”.  Our rating places us in the pinnacle of luxury cars maintenance in the San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles.  At Prestige luxury car owners are confident to receive a detailed and fully explained diagnostics report